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Vartiokylän Tilitoimisto Oy

 Provides statuary accounting services and financial consultation to the entrepreneurs from all over Finland.   

Book-keeping pricing for new entrepreneurs

Customer onboarding at Vartiokylän Tilitoimisto is an interactive process. We go through customer’s business processes together to come up an affordable book-keeping plan. Let us know if you have anything else that is not included here.

  Tasks                                         Toiminimi       Oy

Assistance in company registration (Standard YTJ templates)40 €60 €
Customer opening charges (upto 100k€/yearly sales)40 €40 €
Monthly charges40 €40 €
ALV Reporting0 €0 €
Annual Tax reporting100 €150 €
Financial statements (Tilinpäätös)0 €100 €

Pricing Notes

  • Prices are VAT 0%, applicable VAT will included.
  • Monthly Book-keeping cost includes 20 transactions per month.
  • Customer is liable to provide all possible receipts for the bank statement transactions.
  • Monthly book-keeping price is the average invoice we sent to customers and mostly applies to vacation month too.
  • Termination period is one month.
  • Vartiokylän Tilitoimisto Oy has the right to revise prices, if necessary.

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Wondering about the year-end results?

Often clients have asked how car depreciation is treated in book-keeping and taxation and what about loan installments paid. Or, if the earnings have gone way over the tax card limit specified at the start of the year, would it help in taxation if they buy a new car or replace an older one? Better to know these things in advance to reduce the element of unpleasant surprise.

Vartiokylän Tilitoimisto Oy

The core principles

The Vartiokylän Tilitoimisto is established to serve the customers in an efficient and sustainable way. The key principles we focus on are:

  • Good onboarding
  • Electronic record-keeping
  • Automation
  • Real time cash forecasting
  • Monitoring and financial consultation